BA Sustainability Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies degree program in the College of Liberal Arts is designed to provide a rigorous and focused study of sustainability methods and content. The program is housed within the Department of Geography and the Environment, but students can take courses in the Moody School, School of Architecture, Jackson School of Geoscience, and more. In addition to university and college requirements, the Sustainability Studies curriculum includes social science, earth science, economics, communications, and policy. Student select one of three thematic concentrations, Trajectories to Sustainability, Sustainable Choices in a Diverse World, or Natural Resource Management. The broad range of courses that count towards the major allow students to customize their degree plan according to their interests and goals. Additionally, students complete a capstone requirement and and internship through two organized courses.

Job Titles & Career Information

The BA in Sustainability Studies prepares students for many different career paths. With the internship and capstone requirements, Sustainability Studies majors are uniquely prepared to compete on the job market. Recent graduates have secured positions in consulting, non-profit organizations, local and state government, and in the business sector.

  • Environmental Consultant
    Work to consult businesses on their environmental and sustainable efforts to meet legal requirements and improve their green practices.
  • Public Planner
    Work with city planning to make more sustainable communities and accessible green spaces and infrastructure.
  • Non-Profit Work
    Work in the non-profit sector to promote sustainability through legal or community organizing means.
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Jules R. Elkins
Director of Sustainability Studies, Assistant Professor of Instruction
RLP 3.422

Molly H. Polk
Associate Director and Lecturer, Sustainability Studies
(512) 232-6892
RLP 3.430

Henry Hammond
Senior Academic Advisor for Geography and Sustainability Studies
(512) 232-6344
RLP 1.216